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bedava oyunlar My name is Yeliz I am a 24-year-old, 1.65 tall, plump and white-skinned lady with black hair, erect breasts and hips. i have been married for 4 years. My wife Serdar is a 29-year-old senior manager in a private company. Our financial situation is very good. My wife and I got married with love. We weren’t thinking about children because we were young, and I had a spiral inserted for protection. I used to travel with my wife on weekends and relieve the stress of working life on weekdays. That was a year ago. It was one of the hottest days of July. My wife didn’t interfere much with my clothes. She put on one of my sexiest evening clothes again and we went out to have fun. My wife said we were going to a bar tonight. After that, we went to one of the nice bars in our city. We were drinking and having fun. He was dancing in my shirt with the comfort of alcohol, and my wife was watching me. Sometimes he came to me and accompanied me to my dances. Later in the evening, 4 men came to the bar. He looked like rude types, and they immediately caught my attention. They immediately took me into custody as they arrived. They were looking at me, talking between themselves, then laughing and mixing their dicks. Dec. I was a little nervous, but I was trying to keep having fun. We decided to leave the bar around 23 o’clock. At some point, I looked around, the men were gone. Dec. Anyway, we got out. We went to our car. My wife was worried, and the next thing I knew, our car had a flat tire. While I was thinking about what to do, a small minibus-style vehicle stopped next to us, I was experiencing shock. These are the rude people I just saw inside. They started a conversation with my wife. Master, the work of this car is long, nothing will happen tonight, they said we will drop you off at your destination. I said no right now, let’s take a taxi. My wife was very friendly with the guys, and she came up to me right away, and the guys seemed like a nice guy, and she was on her way, anyway, let’s get on. I had to accept it. We got into their van. They were having a conversation or something. In one moment, 2 men put something on both me and my wife’s nose. We loved it at that moment. When we opened our eyes, we were in a place like a warehouse. I said, like, where are we or something. One of the men immediately called out to the others. Come on, come on, the puppy has woken up. they immediately gathered around me. My eyes were looking for my wife. They were tied to a chair. I was standing on a bed with my hands and arms tied. I asked what’s going on. The oldest of them started talking. Baby, if you behave yourself and do our pleasure, we will release you in the morning, but no, if you don’t behave yourself, we will fuck you, you know. But your wife will have suffered. When he moved his ass like that in the bar, we couldn’t stand it, baby, and he said we wanted him to play on our dick. I didn’t know what to do. I started cursing and crying. The man turned to the other. I don’t think this puppy understood the seriousness of the matter. Show me, he said, how serious we are.
One of the other men cut my wife’s arm with a knife he took out of his pocket. My wife started screaming in pain. I immediately lowered the sails into the water. Okay, okay, don’t touch him, I’ll do whatever you say, just let us go. The man immediately turned to me. Yes, baby, come along like this. We’ll untie you now, but you can’t run away from here, don’t even try, we’re untiing you so that you can treat us well for nothing. You probably know what you need to do, too, he said. Okay, we understand, don’t delay, I snapped, if you’re going to do it, do it. Shaking his head, no, no, you didn’t understand our seriousness, show him, he said. The other guy got a graze on the other arm this time. Okay, I asked what do you want. We want the hot bitch from the bar. Show your most horny and hot self and beg us to fuck you. I said okay. I asked for two minutes to get myself together. then I asked if there was a drink. They brought one beer. I made a beer. I turned to my husband and said forgive me, my love. My husband was looking at me with tearful eyes. I said get my husband out of here. The man did not accept. In the greatest pleasure, he will already fuck you in front of your husband, and you will beg us to fuck more so that if you don’t do what we want, your husband will suffer more, they said. I was going to do what they said was desperate. Come on, get your dicks out, I said I can’t wait to see your dicks that will make me happy. They said you come out, not us. One by one, I pulled down your pants and pants and brought out your dicks. They all looked imposing from each other. It looked like it was going to be difficult tonight. Oh, guys, feed me, I was trying to get horny by saying these are super dicks to fuck me tonight. They all surrounded me and extended their dicks to me. While stroking the dick of two people, I was taking the other one in my mouth. one person was also waiting in line. After making me blowjob for a while, they started undressing me. In a short time, I was naked in front of them. Someone had kissed my breasts, someone had kissed my pussy, I was still giving a blowjob to someone. The other exposed man was rubbing his dick against my body. With the licking of my pussy, I was starting to get involuntary pleasure now. The man who licked my pussy couldn’t take it anymore and put his dick in my pussy. He was coming in and out of me hard, giving me incredible pleasure. they were changing places for 15 minutes and they were not emptying out. I was starting to have orgasms on top of each other. they fucked me interchangeably for 1 hour, and now I was sluggish from orgasms and screaming. they had a break for about 15 minutes. The oldest one said, baby, are you ready to be toast? I said, please don’t fuck my ass .But they didn’t listen. The others held me tight and made me bend over in front of the old man. He put something like cream on my ass and started pushing his dick. I was in a lot of pain. My screams were echoing in the warehouse. He finally got inside me. I fainted from the pain at that time. After waiting for me to sober up, he continued to fuck me in the ass. His pain had eased a little. One of the other guys got under me, stuck me in my pussy, made me toast, fucked me mercilessly, and I was screaming in pain, but they didn’t hurt at all. they fucked for 2 hours, screaming and screaming, and then I managed to unload all four of them. Just when I said it was going to be over, they called someone on the phone. I rested for about half an hour at that time. Half an hour later, someone came in, I was looking at the person who came in exhausted on the bed. After approaching me and stroking me like this, you dropped good stuff on the oldest ones, he opened the door from 400 TL and they agreed to 300 TL. The man took out the money and gave it to the man. The guy was officially selling me out. The guy who gave me the money attacked me like a hungry dog, I snapped. The guy who immediately pulled a knife showed the knife, so I had to continue playing the role of a horny prostitute. He sold me to 6-7 different people until morning. I wasn’t counting anymore. I was doing my duty and moving away when someone came, they blindfolded us around 6 a.m. and left us in a corner, and they didn’t forget to threaten us if we complained..

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