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Hi, I’m sitting in kaan manisa and I’m writing you a wonderful true story that happened to me 3 months ago. It was Saturday, I wanted to go to Izmir in the evening and have a couple of drinks and clear my head, I called my friend and he said he couldn’t come, I was left alone. At around 19, I jumped in the car and went to Izmir as I walked around Izmir for a long time and left my car in the parking lot. My aim was to find a nice fish restaurant and have a brew. I found a place and went inside, it wasn’t very full so I sat at a table and placed my order, and in the meantime, I started to look around. There was a 45-year-old couple next to my table, the woman was dressed very beautiful and sexy, the man was

He was a classically dressed beardless man without a mustache, when my orders came, I started to eat my food and drink the raki. It was about 11 o’clock. her legs were laid out in front of me as she gave a snap, I was looking at her legs for a while, we made eye contact, then I winked and she answered me with a smile, but how would it be, how were we going to talk, the environment was not suitable for our conversation, while we were looking at her again, I couldn’t help myself without looking at her legs towards her calves.

A short time passed, I saw that the woman was saying something in her husband’s ear, at that moment the man turned back to me and he looked back at me and nodded, and I gave him a smirk, and I started to sense that something would happen inside me when the woman nodded and I said out of the blue, why should the man say hello, my altitude was over, it was late at the hour. I asked for the bill, I paid the bill, I was going to go, the man invited me to his table and said, if you have time, would you like to have a drink with us for a double, I couldn’t believe it, they invited me to their table, people looked at me strangely, but I didn’t even mind, I sat at their table, we had a short introduction session, the man’s name was tanju, and the woman’s fountain. Let me tell you about the woman. Pınar is a brunette beauty, she has a wonderful body, her breasts are like missiles

The man, around 55 kilograms, was considered a little heavier than him, we started chatting, talking about the weather and then about current things because it couldn’t be a very unusual conversation with the people you just met. Tanju said if you are available tonight, I would like to offer you a drink at my house, I said, out of courtesy, why not, the eyes of the spring were smiling. When I accepted the offer, Tanju asked for an account and we got on the cars to get out of there and go to their house. We stopped in front of a villa, the automatic door opened and we entered its garden with vehicles.

The villa was magnificent, it was surrounded by high walls with a pool, it was a villa just like in my dream, the door of the house opened as we walked towards the door, there was a maid in the house, the maid was a blonde, she had a wonderful body, but I was nervous. We went inside, the fireplace is burning in the living room and it was very beautiful inside. We all sat on the bearskin in front of the fireplace, I was stuck with them. I said it is drinkable, you are very right in them, your taste

It’s very nice, we thought the same thing, they said, tanju went to the kitchen, we were alone with the spring, we were going to chat with the spring for the first time, he told me that I was very charismatic, he was very impressed with me, he said that he started looking at me inside, I started to look at you when I saw you looking at me and I said, thank you. she said thank you and i said okay why did you tell your husband if something went wrong i said if something nice had happened in the spring i said definitely not at the spring when i want to be with someone i really like i tell my husband we will decide together and i was surprised at the same time i was happy when you said you weren’t the first for them and i wouldn’t be the last when pınar told my husband He turned to look at you, he was really handsome and charismatic, he said, “Let’s host him and enjoy it tonight, we invited you to our table.”

We met and now we’re here. we went inside, the spring was so tight on my lips that I thought it was going to break I realized that she was very horny I started to suck her lips as if I was tearing them off I put my hand under her skirt and started to caress her thong over her cunt the spring was moaning lightly, let me wear something comfortable, it started to get too tight I said pants, I said to undress first the shirt on me then i took off my pants and i was left with my briefs but my cock was like a pile

Because of my kiss, Pınar fell on her knees in front of me and started stroking it with her hands, she said, “It looks great, I want to take a closer look.” He peeled off my panties from my legs and took off my 19 cm thick veined dick. he was working but he couldn’t take more than half of it he could take a little more than half of it in his mouth after licking a little he took it out of his mouth I want this in every hole tonight he added and added tanju and he said he will like it in suman too I couldn’t understand what you mean I said Pınara tanju is also bisex and your dick is not very big he told me that he had a delicious relationship with his wife when they did

I hadn’t dressed yet, Asuman appeared at the door to invite us, come to the spring, see my love, let’s see if you like it said Asuman came to me and kissed the spring well on the lips, then he took my cock like a pile in his hands, very beautiful, very wonderful, make us moan, fuck us, our holes are yours, he bent down and said to me. Hamlade took it all in his mouth, it was all in his mouth, it means that the maid had eaten a lot of cocks before, she took it out after licking it and I got dressed and we all went downstairs, but I was still like a pile and I couldn’t hide it from shorts so when we came to the fireplace, she started pouring tanju wines into the glasses when she saw me like that, ooo mashallah yours is remarkable He said, I thanked the spring, my love, we both tasted it above, it’s wonderful, and you want to taste it before the wine, said tanju

He left the wine bottle and came to me and caressed my cock up from the top of my shorts, then he laid me down and pulled my shorts up to my legs and in one move he took them all in his mouth and started to suck and sucked as he licked. It was driving me crazy so I lifted my hips higher and lowered them I said to tanju why don’t you taste the lower ones tanju got the signal he turned me on my face spring and asuman were watching us fingering their cunts they were moaning I opened my legs as much as I could and lifted my hips up they all said it was a wonderful view as if they had agreed tanju tongue on the sides of my hips

He was making me go around, he was pissing me off, then he started to lick my hole, I turned my hips like a woman, he came to us at the spring, he said I want to lick it too, and he started to run his tongue around my hole, he was licking so beautifully that put me in the spring, my love, I started to say, I was enjoying it, then he came to the room and started licking me, they were finishing me as they licked me The desire to be fucked was increasing, I couldn’t stand it, then I groaned so that we could continue, then they stopped licking I was naked and they were clothed, but it’s unfair I said, let’s undress you, I started to undress you, I started to undress you in the spring tanjuda, they took off whatever they had on them, I said to tanju, I want to undress you, of course my love said why not, she was with me anyway I took off the shirt on it, there was no hair on its body, it was as clean as a boy, then I took off the shorts under it and it was not in the pantiescock pole

It came in front of me standing up, it wasn’t very big. It was a little thick, about 15 cm. I started to draw circles with my tongue, then I started to put it in my mouth and suck, tanju, groan, lick my love, lick and empty me. I was still licking the tanju, tanju was coming towards the end, I understood from its movements, I wanted to pour it into my mouth without taking it off and I continued licking tanju was so tight it was emptying when the sperm started to hit my mouth I was swallowing so that it would go into my throat after I swallowed a little, I kept the rest of it in my mouth and poured some of it into the spring, some of it asuma and we all poured it into our mouths We licked and lost their sperm, it tasted good, I think I liked it very much

They were already used to it, maybe they swallowed his sperm too many times, I was so full, my dick was like a pile and I was about to burst I put the spring and the grapevine on the ground I took the wine glass side by side I took the wine glass in the heart of a spring and poured it into the belly of a tree. and I started licking from the lips of the spring, I went down to her breasts, her wonderful ends were as hard as hazelnuts, despite her age, the spring started to moan as I licked her, I left her and I did the same to her, now both of them are moaning, come on man, lick us, fuck us. and take my appetizers from there

I put it in the mouth of the spring and we started eating, then I did the same in asumana, they both said, we have never experienced these until today, they said, you are a great man, I started to lick the spring’s cunt again, the spring was moaning, come on man, now I want your cock deep in my pussy, he said, so I lay on my back and pulled the spring on me and told him to sit on my cock Pınar did what I said right away, it was very difficult when she got inside, they didn’t all fit in anyway, but she was dying to get it all in me, she was moaning that I want all of this inside me, she was groaning because she put her fingers in her cunt, she was fucking your cunt, come on, my love, put your cunt in my mouth when i said, her eyes lit up and she sat on my mouth right away and I was like that immaculate cream licking my tongue tanju got up from his place and put his cock in the mouth of asuman, asuman was licking it like he was licking ice cream

I was enjoying the cock of tanju so much, by the way, I don’t know how many times the spring came, but it was pouring out screaming, my favorite thing was to lick a pussy and drink its soggy water, I lifted the spring off of me and started to fuck with tanju. sikkkk says sikkkk like you always fuck me my man was screaming that I want these two cocks in my pussy in my back hole I laid the spring I started licking your pussy the spring was crazy enough my love the hall groaned, we all enjoyed her screaming moreI opened her legs and got in between her as she rubbed the head of my cock against the lips of her cunt like a brush, the spring started screaming sooookkk now kkk sokkk don’t keep my wife waiting in tanju my love sokkk she said that wonderful cock inside her at that moment

I was such a big dick that tears came from my eyes, I was fucking fast and hard, the spring had flown, it was the first time I was getting a good fuck. He understood my intention, he started to curl his hips as I licked him, he started to groan as I licked, he started to caress my cock, he held it with his hand and put it to his back hole, come on, my man, fuck me here, he said, I tried to poke his head, but it wouldn’t come in. There is cream on the table next to the spring, he said, I want to fuck you without cream, I said shout out loud I made a lot of saliva at the spring, I licked my cock in the spring Then I twisted it again and put its head in it at once, the spring hadn’t been fucked with such a big cock, it was very hard in his ass, but

He was shouting, pulling the floor with his nails, I didn’t mind, I started to bite harder, half of the spring was inside him, he was swearing, ‘Tear the ass,’ I said let’s stop and get used to the spring for a while, we waited for a while, the pain got lighter, it left its place to pleasure, he moaned at the spring, come on, my love, fuck me, I snorted the rest of it so much that lightning flashed in the eyes of the spring, he was watching us, but he was watching us, but the spring took it so hard, my cock was afraid, I wondered if I could take it. i’m going to fuck like this

She wasn’t enjoying it much and her eyes were always on us. Spring stuck her fingers in her pussy and she takes her fingers in her ass when I fuck her back hole. Come on, my husband said fuck you from the front. and my men were shouting siiiiikkkkiiiinnnnn feed me yarrraaaağaaaaa this pussy is yoursnnn fuck it

I pulled and started to suck his lips, the spring emptied many times I couldn’t count but it was really over, he was moaning that you finished me I wanted to come now I’m coming to the spring my love, get ready I said I’ll fill your hole in the spring come on my love It was full, we were all very tired, we took a cigarette and drink break, so I’m ending my article here. I will write more about my experiences with a bisex couple.

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