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xhamster canlı Hi. my name is Ferit. We are staying in Nuremberg in Germany. We are a very modern family. My wife is a 38-year-old, beautiful and quite sexy woman. He has some sex fantasies (some of which he thinks I don’t know about). He didn’t have a lot of sex with his boyfriends at the workplace where he worked in Germany, the neighbor who lived in the same building, the Turkish grocery store apprentice or something like that. Even if he doesn’t fuck next to me, he tells me clearly how, when and where he fucks with them. You’re going to say, “Asshole, if you know about this, why don’t you shut up?”. I’m not making a sound, because I love my wife very much. I also want to admit here that I am not a person who can fuck my wife well. And my wife, (provided it’s just for sex purposes), fucks with horny guys she finds and gets happy that way. But I don’t have the slightest doubt about my wife’s love and devotion to me! I would sacrifice everything for my wife, and my wife for me!

As for my daughter, we also raised her very freely. I told you, we are a very modern family. My daughter got all her knowledge about sex from my wife. My daughter has no secrets from my wife. She even shared with my wife the day she gave her girlhood to a classmate from school last year (My wife is with me, of course!). My daughter also gets advice from my wife when she has a problem with sex with her boyfriend. My wife also tells our daughter in detail how to please my daughter’s lover in bed, how she should have oral sex, how she should swallow sperm, how she should have anal sex, how she should be protected, how to use condoms, etc. In fact, when my daughter’s boyfriend stays with us, my wife leaves condoms in my daughter’s room with her own hands.

Now I want to tell you about an incident we had. 2 years ago, we went to Turkey by car as a family (with my wife and daughter). After visiting friends and relatives for a week in Istanbul, we landed in Antalya to spend the remaining 3 weeks on vacation. We checked into a beautiful five-star hotel. 2 Of our arrival in Antalya. because we were tired of the crowds at the hotel and in order to get to know the surroundings, we went on a day trip by car to the Taurus mountains. Events began with the breakdown of my vehicle on the five sides of rafting. Of course, when a modern family like us stays on the road at the top of the mountain, and there are seasonal workers working in the fields around, alas! I said. I got out of the car and opened the engine hood, looking to see if I could find the fault, I couldn’t find it. One of the workers working in the field (I later found out that his name was Haydar) came up to me and said, “I understand the engine …”. He fiddled right and left with the engine, then said, “This is incorrigible, you need to call a tow truck.” said. At that time, I called the road service and described the malfunction, and they said that the car had to be towed and they could not arrive before 2 o’clock. I asked them to bring a rental car when they came, I hung up the phone. Haydar said, “Don’t wait in the heat, let me offer you cold buttermilk in the workers’ Shed.” said.

Haydar was a rude, 44-45-year-old man with dust on his head. When we all entered the shed together, a worker inside (named Jafar) was shooting 31 by looking at pictures of naked women in a magazine! When he saw us, he immediately recovered and lifted the magazine in his hand, closing it. We all looked at each other in a confused joke. Jafar was a frail, neglected worker in his 30s. There were Newspapers all over the shed full of pictures of women with lots of sperm thrown on them, and it smelled like Fucking Balls inside. Haydar, Jafar apologized for this action. We said, “It doesn’t matter, these are normal things, besides, the young man has no fault, we came unannounced, I’m sorry.” we said. We sat down, while drinking buttermilk, Jafar’s gaze was clamped on my wife’s miniskirt. Haydar was standing up and going to this corner and that corner to put some order to the things in the Shed, he was dealing with something. But it didn’t escape my attention, and Haydar’s eye was constantly catching on the Thong panties behind my daughter, which were visible from her low-waisted jeans. These sights they saw lifted both of their dicks like cracks…

When my daughter finished her buttermilk, she said, ”I’m overwhelmed, I’m going outside, I’m going to take a look around…”. We let him say, ”Come out all right, but don’t get too far away…” and he came out. After two minutes, Haydar also left, saying, “I’ll go out and keep an eye on the girl, if she goes down to the creek, she’ll disappear …”. Jafar, my wife and I stayed in the shed. My wife has a habit of saying whatever she’s thinking, pat, without mercy. Cafere said“ “Why are you shooting 31? Isn’t there a woman in the village you’re going to be with or something?” he asked. Surprised by this very obvious question, Jafar looked at me instead of answering my wife. It was as if he was asking me for permission to speak and respond. I gave a signal with my head, in the sense that you can answer. And Jafar said to my wife, “No, sis, what a wanderer! we have been longing for a woman here for 3 months, we are broken by lack of women, especially since we can only see a picture of women like you here, what should we do if we don’t take 31?” he replied and bowed his neck in front of him like an orphan child.

In the face of this answer, my wife and I saw eye to eye. I could tell from the way my wife looked at me that she was upset about Jafar’s situation. My wife asked me something with a head-eye sign, although I don’t quite understand, I think Cafere wanted to help with this. So I pointed my head at my wife and said, “Okay, whatever you’re thinking of doing, do it!” I have given your message. My wife sat with her legs well apart, her panties clearly visible by Jafar. Of course, this immediately attracted the attention of Decaf, his gaze clamped between my wife’s legs. My wife said, “Is there anyone you’ve had sex with in your hometown? When was the last time you had sex? Do you have a boyfriend? Does your girlfriend take it in her mouth? Are you doing it from behind? Have you ever fucked an Ass?” he started asking questions like “. Jafar was bored with embarrassment, a little afraid of me, he felt like he was trapped, he couldn’t even sit in a chair with peace. Despite this, he was giving answers to my wife, albeit briefly. Even I could see that Jafar’s cock was about to explode. My wife looked at me and said, “Oh Hakan, I can’t stand it, Cafere, at least I’ll do it manually!” said. Jafar didn’t even understand what my wife was talking about, he’s just staring blankly.

I had to say, ”Yes, darling…”. My wife got up and went over to Jafar, hugged Jafar and said, “Husband, take us to the video!” said. I said, “Yes…”, took the camera out of its container and started recording Jafari with my Wife. While I was recording, my wife was like, ”Our car broke down at five, the people here are very hospitable, they offered us Ayran, it’s very nice here, Jafar is a very handsome young man, but unfortunately there is no one here to have sex with and have sex with…” She was posing for the camera and talking like she was doing an interview. Soon my wife stopped telling and put her hand in front of Jafar’s pants. After caressing Jafarin’s cock a little from the outside, Jafarin untied his belt and pulled his cock out. After collapsing in front of him, patting him with his hand a little like a 31st puller, Caferin started to smell his piss-smelling underwear, smell it, lick his crooked, but long dick. Jafar ejaculated into my wife’s mouth as soon as she took my wife in her mouth! And when he came, he was fluttering like a sacrificial sheep, I’m weird. My wife Jafarin licked all his sperm, swallowed it and continued to lick his cock. It was as if my wife didn’t want Jaffar’s cock to come down. I was continuing to film on Camera without making a sound…

My wife got up, stripped her panties down to her knees and sat on the table, and Jafare said, “Come on, fuck me!” said. Cafer garibim was surprised by what happened, he was very stupid from what happened, (What should I do?) he looks at me like he’s looking at me. Shaking my head, I said, “Go on!I said. Although I gave permission to the cafe, he still got up timidly timidly from the chair and walked behind my wife. He’s still telling me like (Are you really letting me fuck your wife?) he was looking like. “Go on! Keep going!I said. Jafar started to go back and forth by inserting his cock into my wife’s pussy from behind. My wife soon started moaning with pleasure and was saying things and things to make Jafari horny. “Fuck me, my lion! Get your big dick through! Give it away, asshole! Fuck me like you fuck the Donkeys in your village! Stick it in faster! Fuck me harder! by saying words like “, Jafari, who was already abaza, was fueling up well. After a few minutes had passed, there was nothing left in the name of shyness in the cafe, he was fucking my wife’s pussy fast, his cock was going in and out of my wife’s pussy like a piston. My wife was glued to the table, no longer giggling with pleasure (her voice does not sound when my wife orgasms and ejaculates). My wife has had an orgasm, but Jafar hasn’t ejaculated yet. My wife threw her hand behind her back and grabbed Jafar’s cock, pulled it out of her pussy and placed it in her ass…

Jafar, although his astonishment increased one more fold, he started to fuck my wife’s ass without saying (no, I don’t want to or something) at all. My wife also enjoys getting fucked in the ass very much and she won’t get tired of fucking her ass for hours. My wife was holding her hips apart with both hands behind her back so that Jafar’s cock could get into her ass well. But before 5 minutes had passed, Jafar collapsed on top of my wife, remained motionless. Yes, Jafar ejaculated on my wife’s ass, and I Decanted in my panties while watching my wife fuck, by the way. My wife wanted to get up because she was almost crushed under the cafe. When Jafar pulled his cock out of my wife’s ass, the sperm flowing out of my wife’s ass spilled all the way to the floor. While Jafar was pulling off his panties and tying his pants, my wife asked me for tissue paper. I gave him the handkerchief. While my wife was wiping and cleaning her cunt and ass, she said to me, “Did you record it all?” he was asking. I said, ”I recorded it, I recorded it…”.

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